Balarachs - Collector of Souls

These are not nice creatures. The thing is... their job is not nice either.  When Death has notified Asaral about a death that is happening, Asaral has the choice of sending two different types of Collectors: Balarachs or Menolochs... depending on how good the person was in life.  

If you were not a nice person, then a Balarach was sent to your form.  A darkness starts to engulf your body and it feels like you have swallowed the sun.  As your skins and internals burn, all of the crimes of your life are passed before your eyes.  After a period of time, your body gets colder and colder.  The Balarach then rips apart your soul and brings the shattered pieces before Asaral for final judgement.  Here is where he decides if your crimes were grave enough for you to become a shadow elemental or not.

The Balarachs are amorphous and contain no form themselves.  Rather they are the essence of a winged entity based on what you feared most in your life.  The general theory is that they are part of Asaral, himself, and, as such, know what He knows.  When they are done with task, they are merged back into Asaral... awaiting their next task.

There have been rumors about people who have been visited by Balarachs during their lives.  The apparent theory is that this was Death warning a person that they must change their ways or dire consequences will befall them.  However, these are only unsubstantiated rumors and no-one has ever verified if they were true