Why does every DnD game start in one of three different ways?  In a tavern?  Visiting the King? Waking up?  

Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games have an infinite number of possibilities to start a game.  They have an infinite number of ideas for what happens in the campaign.  How many times are you going to have to save the town from a Lich or a high priest?  How many times are you going to need to find a magical jewel to restore an entity?  Why rehash the same old campaigns?  

The ShadowMyths decks can be used as props in your game or as idea generations for new campaigns and adventures.  I have shown two examples of how you can use them in their role-playing games.

How do you use the ShadowMyths Deck as a campaign idea?


All you have to do is select some of the cards from the deck and lay them down.  For example, let's take the the series of cards shown above.  What campaign could you come up with?  Here's what I was thinking:

As your players are walking along the street, they notice a woman in a shrouded bulky cloak crying in an alley. Cautious (thinking it's some sort of trap), your party approaches her. She looks up and tries to run away but stumbles. From beneath her cloak, you see a large bug-like creature attached to her. She tries to cover it up but it's too late. The party asks her about her arm. She's reluctant to tell anyone but decides that she has no other option. She tells you about her husband who had left in search of a better life for them. He comes across a wizard that promises that, with his help, her husband will find everything that he needs. As proof for what he says, he gives them a small scarab bracelet. Suddenly, the bracelet attaches to her arm and starts eating away. Her husband tries to go and find the wizard to force him to remove the curse. That was the last time she saw her husband and doesn't know what to do.

Now, this simple start of a campaign has lots of possibilities... what happened to her husband? Why did the wizard do that? This initial idea only used the first 3 random cards selected. What could the spider creature and the trapped man have to do with the story?

How do you use the ShadowMyths Deck as a prop?


One of my favorite ideas from a game master:

(Her players had just entered a room) When you enter the room, you see a table that contains 4 cards (here, she physically had 4 ShadowMyths cards on the gaming table). There are a lot of scratches and sigils on the stone walls and ceilings. What do you do? The players immediately say "We leave the room. :-)" Okay, she says... that's fine. "Fine.", says one of the players, "We go into the room and pick up one of the cards." As the players pick up a card, some of the sigils in the room start glowing. A mist starts appearing from them and then they coalesce onto the card. "We ready our weapons, prop the door open and moves towards the exit," the players said. The card suddenly transforms into a large green creature holding a squidlike being. The green creature looks at the players and says.. "Help me...".


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