One of my oldest friends, Angel, is a bit different than most people.  She's one of the hybrids that was created by Rheidan at the Bone Palace.  When I first met her, I was a pretty cocky kid and a bit full of myself.  She lacked the physical beauty of Kira and, honestly, I was a bit scared of her. She had this serious look and had this habit of telling me everything that I was doing wrong.

The thing is... she was always right about me.  I WAS a cocky kid with a power that I thought that would let me do anything that I wanted.  I never really cared for others.  It may have seemed so to outsiders but it was always about how great I would look and the adulation of others that I wanted.

Here's the thing... over time, I've realized that Angel is always true to what she believes in.  I may not agree with it but that's okay. Her beliefs are based on her moral compass that tends to match mine. She truly believes in helping others in need and, if possible, works within the system to do that.  If not possible, she WILL work outside of the system to achieve those goals.

As time goes by, the more that I admire her, the more beautiful that she becomes.  The combination of mental abilities, physical looks, AND her strong sense of will makes her an extremely attractive woman to me.  I try to help her with her mission as often as I can.  Part of me does it because I believe in what she is doing.  Part of me does it because it gives me a chance to spend more time with her.