Wood Whip

The wood whips are a form of wood elemental that typically lives in trees or large wood piles (fallen trees).  Semi-reclusive, they tend to prefer to be left to themselves and raise their families in the trees.  The only time that they travel is when they have a sense that the forest or area that they are living in is in danger of brush fires or encroachment by humans.

The odd whip structure on their left (or right) arm is actually a form of a hand. There is a major whip which, when provoked, causes the most damage to someone and small whips that are typically used to grab things.

Lore: You know when someone says "Doesn't that tree look like a person?"  That typically means that that person was able to quickly view a wood whip or the whip has died and become embedded into the tree.

  • Size:                 Medium Size
  • Intelligence:  Average
  • Speed:            Fast
  • Strength:       Average
  • Attack:           As a wood elemental, they are able to meld in with trees and other dense wood piles without being noticed.  Once they attack, their left (or right) arm can lash out multiple whips with different levels of damage.  In the whip arm there is one primary whip which causes the most damage and up to 4 secondary whips that cause minor damage. 
  • Defense:     Their bark provides for very good protection and increases as the wood whip ages.  They are still extremely susceptible to fire, though.