They are the remnants.  These elementals were once wood elementals but have been eaten away over time due to disease. When the wood elemental is younger, the wood is strong and free from disease.  As it grows older, the wood weakens and is subject to decay by various insects and molds. This is a particularly debilitating disease because it leaves the mind intact but the body destroyed.  

The toughest part is that no other wood elemental wants to go near one of the Remnants (slang term for those afflicted).  So, they are isolated and shunned and can only hang out with others with this disease.  Eventually, their body will decay and they can no longer travel.  At this time, they are usually pleading with anyone or anything to free them from their prison.

It's unfortunate but remnants are one of the first and easiest elementals for a wizard to communicate with.  Since they are shunned by their family and friends, they are desperate for any form of communication.  

In most situations, Remnants are found in large clusters of 20 or more.  Since they are shunned by everybody else, they have to resort to group themselves for their own protection.  

  • Size:                Small to Large
  • Intelligence:    Average to extremely
  • Speed:            Slow
  • Strength:        Weak
  • Attack:            Able to attack from all body parts.... even when chopped up. Their main attack form is bludgeoning but it does not cause a lot of damage.  However, since they are usually found in large groups, this can be very damaging overall.
  • Defense:         Their bark provides for some protection but, in general, it's pretty weak.  It really depends on how far along the disease has progressed.