Memory Balls

This is a special elemental that has been adapted to the their world.  The memory ball can take any form (water, rock, tree, sand, etc) so that it can be delivered anywhere in the world.  When an elemental wants to send a message to another elemental or a wizard, he just grasps the memory ball in his hand and thinks the thoughts that he wants to send.  He also indicates who the receiver of the message will be (if privacy is required... sometimes they do it... sometimes they don't and it doesn't matter who reads it). 

When the recipient gets the ball, he just has to hold it.  The ball starts melding into his hand and the message is transferred to the receiver's mind.  He has the option of answering the message or clearing it out for uses later on.  Now that I know what they look like, my dad seemed to have a lot of them in his room.  I thought that they were just rocks that he liked collecting.  I was wrong.

Delivery of the memory balls is handled two ways: 1) left in a location for someone else to find or 2) Delivery service.  The delivery service is a set of air elementals that look like clouds.  The memory balls are then reshaped as cloud balls and carried in the sky.  When they are delivered to different locations, it can come in the form of rain, mists, sandstorm, etc.  Once the memory ball has hit the ground, another delivery person then gathers them up and transports them to their appropriate location (based on what the memory ball tells them).

For instance, if a rock elemental wanted to send a message to a water elemental, he would take the memory ball (rock form), place his message and location in it, give it off to a mist delivery person (who transforms the ball into a mist ball) and takes it to the Air Elemental Delivery Service.  This service then transforms the ball into a cloud ball.  The message is taken to the water area and then transformed into rain.  Once it hits the water area, a water elemental picks it up and delivers it to the recipient.  Very much like a human mail system.


  • Size:             Small
  • Intelligence:  None
  • Speed:           None
  • Strength:       None
  • Attack:          None
  • Defense:        Indestructible