One of the fiercest warriors in the water elemental tribe is the Malok. Like many of the young elementals, they are are able to form any shape that they want for traveling but cannot maintain that shape for combat.  During combat, they retain their natural form which tends to frighten other elementals away.  

The Malok has a special ability that, during combat, he can select areas where the water hardens to steel and protects that region.  Only one area can be hardened at a time and lasts until he decides that another area needs to be protected.  

In addition to the shifting protection area, he also has the ability to transform the end of his forearms into any weapon that he can imagine.  The weapon needs to be a physical one (i.e. swords, maces, etc).  No chemical or biological weapons are possible.  

Maloks tend to live in small roaming tribal groups and will lend themselves out to various other elementals for pay.  Due to racial prejudice though, they will not attack one of their own.

  • Size:                Small to Large
  • Intelligence:  Average
  • Speed:            Slow
  • Strength:       Very Strong
  • Attack:            Able to change the forearms into any form of weapon
  • Defense:         Able to modify various body sections (i.e. chest, head, left arm, right arm, abdomen, etc) to be extremely dense.  As the Malok gets older, the number of areas he can solidify