Air Elemental - Air Elementals are mainly composed of bits of dust or mists. They are known for being very indifferent to other races since they find them “fleeting”. They tend to live very long lives.

Bone Elemental - Bone elementals are considered some of the strongest elementals around. Naturally, most of them are composed of various bone material but they are able to change the densities of parts of their body at will.


Disease Elemental - Disease elemental will take the host material (i.e. skin, rock, bone) and mutate it with their own DNA. It is unknown whether the elemental is sentient or not.


Earth Elemental - Earth elementals are mainly composed of dirt, small bits of rock, moss, and other small materials. Their body composition allows them to morph their body more easily into other shapes.


Fire Elemental - Being composed of fire, it’s natural to think that they are rash. They are not. Fire elementals understand the fleeting nature of the world and tend to adjust to it more easily than other races.


Lava Elemental - These elementals tend to be very headstrong and violent. Able to shift parts of their bodies into forms of lava, they tend to use this to their advantage when dealing with people. A lot of times, it’s their way or no way.


Rock Elemental - Being composed mainly of various ores and types of rocks, the Rock Elemental tends to be one of the physically stronger races. Most prefer to work with their hands but that doesn’t mean that they are not intelligent.


Sand Elemental - Due to the nature of their world, Sand Elementals tend to be extremely reclusive. They prefer to stay with their own race. Composed mainly of sand, they blend in very well in the deserts and are almost impossible to detect.


Skin Elemental - Skin elementals are considered some of the weakest elementals around due to the fact that they don’t have the ability to shift their forms. Most have to rely on various external weapons and their intelligence to survive

Symbiote Elemental - Symbiote elementals are semi-sentient. They tend to exist only if there is a host and will move between different hosts when one dies. Communication is usually handled telepathically.

Water Elemental - Being partly composed of water, these elementals are able to shift the density and transparency of their skin. This makes them extremely difficult to find in their natural environment.

Web Elemental - Like the Disease Elemental, it is unknown whether this race is sentient. They tend to be more insectoid and live in hive communities. They have a rough form of communication but not many can understand it.

Wood Elemental - One of the more common elementals, the Wood elemental is composed primarily of differnt forms of tree bark. They tend to be the ones that will interact most with the humans and are easily found in the forests.