Valankir [SOLD]

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Valankir [SOLD]

  • Image Size: 8” wide x 10” tall

  • Matted Size: 11” wide x 14” tall

  • Original Pencil Drawing on Bristol Paper

  • Signed by Doug Hoppes (artist)

  • Provided with separate Bainbridge Clay Coated Archival Foam Board (1/8” thickness) with archival matting

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Work. Relax. Study. Play. Eat properly. Have a snack. Life is about balance. Being overly obsessive about one factor, you’ll find that other areas in your life become out of synch. There are times when one aspect takes over everything. However, over time, you must restore that balance. Otherwise, it becomes one-sided and things that you find were once important fall by the wayside. One day, you’ll find that your life was only defined by the obsession.