Dualysis [SOLD]

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Dualysis [SOLD]

  • Image Size: 8” wide x 10” tall

  • Matted Size: 11” wide x 14” tall

  • Original Pencil Drawing on Bristol Paper

  • Signed by Doug Hoppes (artist)

  • Provided with separate Bainbridge Clay Coated Archival Foam Board (1/8” thickness) with archival matting

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What you view is true is based on the life that you have lived and your experiences. Truth and facts are profoundly based on our current understanding of a situation. They will change over time as more information enters the equations. Scientists understand this. They are continuously building on the facts that they know and changing their theories as more information comes in. It should be the same with other endeavors. Understand that the truth that you know as a fact can and should be re-evaluated over time.