Those who live there

Long ago, there was nothing but Death. It’s not that he was an entity floating in the void. He was more like a consciousness to the void. He was the void, itself. After a period of time, he knew that it was time for the Beginning and time for the End. He had rested enough and the Great Cycle must begin again. Suddenly, he fractured his Essence into multiple parts and each part created the moons, planets, and suns. During the creation process, each piece of his Essence was sent to oversee the created world and they had dominion over what they created. They were all part of Death but separate from him. Their job was to create life, learn from it, and, after a period of time, destroy it… bringing back that knowledge into the fold so that Death can rest and the cycle begins again.

On the world of Ozul, Death created the major gods for the Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Skin elementals. Their job was to create all of the races on the planet so that Death may learn from them. When working with the elemental gods, he was very careful to let them know that all of the races had to learn to work together and understand one another. This understanding and empathy between the races would lead to more knowledge for Death to absorb. However, Death knew in his heart, though, that there would always be conflict between the races since they, ultimately, are a creation of him and he IS a creature chaos.

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