With a high buzzing emitting from the ground, the swarmling is extremely protective of their underground hives. These small killers of the forest do not associate with any other races and prefer to be left alone.

The Swarmling race seems to be a cross between normal bees and other flying birds. Most people assume that they have the same intelligence level and that would be a mistake. The Swamling society is an extremely sophisticated collective in which they spend a lot of their time studying their natural environment and how to manipulate it to fit their needs.

Analysis of unknown material is made through extending their side tendrils into the material. From there, they procure a small taste of the material. Their taste buds are very efficient in defining the composition of the new item. From there, they discuss among themselves to see if there is any natural way to reproduce the new material.

Information from abandoned hives has shown that they have some form of factory set up to reproduce, naturally, any material that they have evaluated. It is unknown what they do with the newly created material since no-one has ever seen them with any man-made items.


Since no-one has ever communicated with a Swarmling, it is unknown about what they would do. The only form of interaction is where someone has accidentally discovered their hive. From the survivors of such a situation, there seems to be an idea that the swarmlings broke into two groups: attacking group and the collection group.


From all accounts, combat with the Swarmlings in incredibly dangerous and can easily lead into defeat for the opponent. They tend to have two forms of attack: Chemical and Natural.

The first phase of the Swarmling attack is to split the main defense form into two groups. The first group surrounds the opponent and starts saturating the air with a dense mist of oil chemicals. Once this is done, they will light the oily mist on fire. It is unknown if they are able to do this naturally or if they were carrying some sort of device to do that.

After the dense mist of chemicals is lit, the second attack comes in the form of projectile missiles. The Swarmling will immediately dive, at a rapid rate, to the opponent, join their bodies together to attack as one strike, and then, upon impact, split up again. They will continuously do this until the intruders are destroyed or have left the area,

Swarmling [SOLD]
  • Image Size: 8” wide x 10” tall

  • Matted Size: 11” wide x 14” tall

  • Original Pencil Drawing on Bristol Paper

  • Signed by Doug Hoppes (artist)

  • Provided with separate Bainbridge Clay Coated Archival Foam Board (1/8” thickness) with archival matting