The Salamite symbiote can be found in various oceans and lakes around the world. Initially viewed as a small amorphous blob in the water resembling an Octolar, the Salamite floats suspended until it can find a host.

Once it finds a suitable host, it will absorb itself into the host through the skin. Communication is immediately established that informs the host that it would like to join with it. In exchange for providing nutrients from the host body, it will provide it the general abilities of the water elementals. Being able to breathe underwater, Shifting parts of their skin to various water implements and weapons, and able to become mainly invisible underwater are some of the basic abilities it can provide.

If the host rejects the Salamite, it will accept this and go on its way to find another host. The Salamite is able to live for a long time without a host since it usually has an excess store of nutrients that it can feed off of internally. If it is required to feed off of itself, it will grow smaller.

It should be noted that there are times that the Salamite may not leave if the host rejects it. There are some Salamites who do not care if the host wants it or not (rare) and most Salamites would also not leave if it does not have enough nutrients to last for a while (survival mode). In the case of the survival mode, though, most Salamites will leave once they have enough to survive on.

In the hidden parts of several cities, there will be a number of merchants that will sell someone a Salamite for a fee. The Salamites are, in effect, slaves to these merchants. The buyer is required to return once a week to ensure that the Salamite has not escaped or been damaged.


When communicating with a Salamite, the hosts generally find them to be a good-natured and quiet symbiote. They love telling stories about their other hosts and also things that they have learned. In their mind, the abilities are a fair exchange for the nutrients they receive and, as a bonus, they are able to travel more of the world than they ever could via water.


During combat, the Salamite is able to help the host protect themselves by shifting their body parts into various water weapons. In extreme cases and situations where the host has no combat training, the Salamite will ask to take over so that it may react properly.

Although Salamites are not trained fighters, they are extremely proficient with creating weapons and adjusting the body to adapt to combat situations. In some cases, they may just liquefy the entire body so that it may flow away in a stream or hide in a rain puddle.

Salamite [SOLD]
  • Image Size: 11” wide x 14” tall

  • Original Pencil Drawing on Bristol Paper

  • Signed by Doug Hoppes (artist)

  • Provided with separate Bainbridge Clay Coated Archival Foam Board (1/8” thickness)