Humans... the corrupters of the world. Or so that’s what most of the races thought of them. Like the rest of the skin elementals, humans do not have the capability of shifting their shapes but they are very adaptable and clever when they want to alter their environment. They easily will change the landscape of their world to meet their needs and desires. This is even so when it directly conflicts with another elemental race. Humans are not known for living in harmony with the other races.

The majority of the humans live in the quarantine zone but they don’t understand its significance. Only the mages do and they tend to be a hermitic group that tries not to associate too much with the other humans. Near the edges of the quarantine zone, the humans tend to get a glimpse of other elementals but they regard them more as myths and legends. They do stay away from the ravines and open oceans because they understand that there is only Death.

In most of the settlements in the interior of the zones, the humans believe that they are the sole residents of the world. They encounter various animals and succumb to many of the elemental diseases and symbiotes but have no real experience with the more sentient elemental races. Those humans tend to create insular societies and don’t like the presence of outsiders.

Overall, humans tend to live simple lives. Food and sustenance is either raised on farms or provided by the trading caravans. Their daily lives are generally composed of work, some plays and music, and rest. Once a year, a caravan of mages will show up in town and ask for volunteers to go with them to other cities. Although it is voluntary for the younger people to do so, there have been questions about this. Especially in towns where there doesn’t seem to be that many volunteers. The mages explain that this prevents disease within the community that is a direct cause of inbreeding.

One curious issue is that there doesn’t seem to be any form of conflict within the quarantine zone. This could be due to their insular nature but, as many wizards suspect, it may be related to some form of magic in the quarantine zone. This is also another reason why there doesn’t seem to be many weapons and none of the towns seem to be fortified.


Humans tend to be very open when they are within their own communities but not so much for those outside. Naturally, the younger humans are always curious and excited to see new people enter their town but, over time, they seem to resort to the insular methods of the elders.


Many of the weapons and armor that humans possess tends to come in with the trading caravans. They are not known for creating their own weapons outside of small makeshift knives and utility weapons. Many of their weapons tend to be farm and other tools used in their daily lives.

They have no real fighting skills other than their own natural ability.

Humans [SOLD]
  • Image Size: 11” wide x 14” tall

  • Original Pencil Drawing on Bristol Paper

  • Signed by Doug Hoppes (artist)

  • Provided with separate Bainbridge Clay Coated Archival Foam Board (1/8” thickness)