ShadowMyths is a cool idea but do you have something for collectors?  Who are you?

Hi!  First of all, my name is Doug Hoppes. Everybody just calls me Dougie and I'm a dark fantasy artist.  Previous times, I was a gallery landscape painter but when I told my wife that I loved landscapes, she said, "No... you like landscapes but you LOVE monsters.  That's what you should be painting!"

All of the art and the ideas that you see in the ShadowMyths world is, currently, my work.  My general process is to create a digital painting of the piece and, after I like what I see, I will then transfer the painting over to my canvas. 

Now, I'm an oil painter. It's what I love to do. I love to the way the paint handles so that I can create an expressive feeling to the piece. Rather than go for direct rendering, I try to create an emotional feel for the painting.

If you are interested in original oil paintings or prints, you can hop on over to the store and check out what is available.



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